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Fly of the Month – April 2009

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Black Stonefly Nymph








Stonefly nymph hook or 2-3x long wet fly hook sizes 6-16


Black 8/0 or 6/0


Bead Head is optional


Black dubbing, lead wire is optional for weight


Two turkey biots dyed black


Black Larva Lace, V-rib, D-rib or Swanundaze


Turkey biots dyed black, optional


Wing case - Turkey (lacquered) or Swiss Straw folded over thorax


Partridge, select small dark feather from skin, or, black hen feather.


Black dubbing


Black dubbing





1.    Lash lead wire to each side of the hook, or wrap around the shank of the hook and flatten.  Lacquer liberally.

2.    Dub a small ball at the end of the shank and tie in a goose biot on each side.

3.    Tie in ribbing material, flat side against shank.

4.    Apply dubbing material to thread and wrap forward to within one hook gap of the eye.  Tie Down.

5.    Wrap ribbing forward to within one hook gap of the eye.  Tie Down.

6.    Tie in a hook-gap width segment of black goose, turkey or Swiss Straw on top of the body about one third back from the hook eye with the shiny side down.

7.    Tie in partridge or black hen back feather (by its tip with the shiny side up.)

8.    Apply additional dubbing and wrap forward short of the eye.

9.    Lay partridge hackle on top of the dubbing and tie down, or, palmer black hackle thru the dubbing and tie down.

10.  Fold the wing case over tie in.

11.  Form a head, whip finish.


This method provides for a simple wing case similar to other nymphs but there are several other variations for stoneflies that represent the three distinct wing cases seen on many traditional stoneflies.





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