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As you can see our web site has come a long way in a short time.  We will continue to collect, categorize and describe sites we find interesting.   We welcome your suggestions, contact us at your convenience..  We will not intentionally post commercial sites but welcome sponsors. We appreciate being notified of broken links.

  Beginner's Tips Presenting the Dry Fly - Part 2
  Beginner's Tips Presenting the Dry Fly - Part 1
  Classic A great venue for classic trout fly patterns of the Catskill Mountain Fisheries
  East Branch of the Delaware River A good narrative and overview of this fishing destination.  Includes specialized hatch charts and much more.
  Everything Fly Fishing  
  Fish New York Provides some great general fishing information focusing on fishing in upstate New York.
  Fly Addict Focuses on fishing in North West Connecticut
  Fly Casting Forum  
  Fly Fishers  
  Fly Fishing 101  
  Fly Fishing Network General Information: Trips, Gear, Knots, Equipment, Vacations and Articles
  New York Game & Fish A site devoted to "Avid Anglers" that just love to fish.  Part of the Game & Fish Network.
  CGTU Hatch Chart  (Test) CGTU is working on a hatch chart designed specifically for trout waters in Columbia & Greene Counties, Upstate New York A Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Resource
  Knots Maine Fly Fishing offers tips on 4 important knots that everyone should be familiar with.  Narrative & Videos are provided for the Blood Knot; the Surgeon's Knot; the Perfection Loop and the Surgeon Loop.
  Knots Some standard knots for fly fishing.
  Knots by Maine Fly Fishing Standard "MUST HAVE" Fly fishing knots provided by Maine Fly Fishing.
  Knots by NetKnots One of the most extensive web site around.  Dedicated to providing assistance and instruction for all types of knots.  Site provides good illustrations for knot covered.
  Knots, (Animated) by Grog A great web site that provides step by step instructions for any knot you may need while fishing.  All knots are demonstrated visually.
  Knots & Rigging Surgeon's End Loop; Perfection Loop; Dropper Loop; Palomar Knot and more...
  Knots @ Fishing North Carolina Common Fishing Knots and How to Tie Them
  Listen to Fly Fishing on Internet Radio  
  Mid Current Mid-Current provides fly fishing advice, fly fishing trip information, fly fishing gear and media reviews, and excerpts of the best fly fishing literature.
  N.Y.S.D.E.C. Fishing  
  New Hampshire Stream Flow Data  
  New York Fisherman This site provides many great stories, all fishing related, from all area's of New York State.  See some of the monster fish caught by our fellow anglers.
  Nova Scotia Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Fly-fishing, Tying and Tall Tales.  Include a great Latin to Common Name Cross Reference, Patterns, Instructions and more.
  Trout Predator Trout Predator.Com
  U.S.G.S. Streamflow Data - Connecticut  

U.S.G.S. Streamflow Data - New Hampshire


U.S.G.S. Streamflow Data - New York

  Woolly Buggers A good discussion on tying and fishing Wolly Buggers.
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